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Purchasing Stones: Natural, Laboratory Diamonds or Moissanite

JC Jewelers' team members believe that an informed buyer is a happy buyer. It is part of our philosophy rooted in integrity and reliability for your overall experience!  We of course are here to assist you and wanted to share some information to aid in your shopping experience! 

Purchasing Stones

When searching for stones a buyer is presented with several choices. In this section we will briefly cover three: natural diamonds, lab diamonds and Moissanite stones.

Natural diamonds are just that...created naturally from the earth meaning these stones are mined. Natural diamonds are a very durable mineral (stone) which makes it a very attractive option for everyday wear. The stones receive a 10 on the Mohs scale for hardness which makes it strong in its ability to handle surface scratching. Dependent upon the grading scales, natural diamonds rank from light color (in the stone) to colorless (or fancy yellow). Typically, the closer to colorless the more brilliant the shine. In most instances, natural diamonds cost more because of its formative process and mining requirements. 

Laboratory diamonds - you guessed it! are created in a lab. Lab diamonds are made of the same diamond material void of the natural process. Generally, laboratory diamonds are less expensive than natural diamonds because of how it is created. 

A Moissanite stone is not a diamond. It is a gemstone created of silicon carbide made in a laboratory. A beautiful option to both natural and laboratory diamonds Moissanite is an attractive choice as well. The stone receives a 9.25 on the same Mohs Scale for Hardness offering the same consideration for everyday wear. Its brilliance is bright and is more evident the larger the stone. Simply put a Moissanite stone is a different beautiful less expensive option to a diamond choice. Moissanite stones can be cut and set in combination with diamonds providing a "diamond like" experience for the wearer. 

Considering Your Choice

When considering your choice of stone we recommend the 5Cs of Diamond Purchasing: Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat & Certification/Grading Report. In summary, 

Cut: Determines how well a diamond is cut which impacts its light reflection. The better the cut the higher quality the diamond. Types of cuts: round, princess, marquise, emerald, radiant, pear and oval.

Clarity: Determines the amount of imperfections in a stone. Graded from included (imperfections) to flawless. The closer to flawless the higher the brilliance and quality. 

Color: The amount of color in a stone. Graded from light yellow to colorless. The closer to colorless the higher the brilliance and quality. 

Carat: The weight of the stone. Typically the higher the weight the more expensive the stone. 

Certification/Grading Report: Used interchangeably as titles, these documents provide valuable information when making your selection. The information contained within are EXPERT OPINIONS as to the cut, clarity and color of the stone. Although it is not a true certification, it still provides insight into the quality which empowers buying knowledge. 

We hope this helps in making your choice for your stone purchase. We invite you to shop our products using the links above.  If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the methods on our "Contact Us" page.