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Fine, Semi and Fashion Jewelry

JC Jewelers' team members enjoy empowering our buyers with knowledge to make the best purchase for them! If you've visited our Purchasing Stones page we hope that you found great information about choosing the right stone for you. On this page we want to share a little about the other types of jewelry found on our websites! 

Fine, Semi and Fashion Jewelry, What's the difference? 

In many places a buyer may see one or all three used interchangeably. Yet there are some important differences to note when considering a piece from each category. 

Fashion Jewelry or "Costume Jewelry" are stunning pieces made from non-precious or "base" metals. Typically, the life of the piece is temporary as the materials are not precious or quality stones designed to last. This type of jewelry is relatively inexpensive and perfect for a night on the town or a short-term desired look. This line offers great inexpensive gift ideas. 

Semi-Fashion Jewelry can be a happy medium between fashion and fine. In this context semi means part of the piece is made with a quality stone or metal, usually metal, and the other is more along the lines of fashion quality. An example of such a piece would be a cubic zirconia stone set in a 14karat white gold setting. The gold is considered a precious metal. The stone is not a quality stone, thus its semi-fashion classification. Usually, the price is higher than a fashion piece but in most instances significantly lower than a fine piece of jewelry. This line offer great gift ideas along with nice affordable fashion pieces. 

Fine Jewelry is the higher quality pieces made of quality stones and precious metals. Examples are gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. Many buyers use this line to purchase engagement and celebration rings and bands. This line offers great gift ideas and can be used to accessorize outfits as well. The pieces in this category are designed to last and typically hold value over time. 

JC Jewelers welcomes the opportunity to assist you in finding the perfect piece for you! Whether you are looking for a flawless diamond engagement ring or a piece to wow for that night out on the town, we have options for every budget. We invite you to shop our products! Just click "Shop Our Specials," "Shop and Design" or coming soon "Shop Gold" to find the perfect piece for you!   

As always if you need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our "Contact Us" page. It will be our pleasure to assist you!